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Ecco Jr - Home Sea, The Sea of Music, Melodic Waters Ecco Jr - House of the Hermit Crab, Shell Roundup Ecco Jr - Ocean Tag, Dolphin Ride
Ecco Jr - Opening Theme, The Endless Sea Ecco Jr - Password Entry, Treasure Caves, Mysterious Ridge Ecco Jr - Seal Rocks, The Enchanted Sea
Ecco Jr - The Bay of Scattered Song Ecco Jr - The Fish Caves, Vents of Pearl Ecco Jr - The Lagoon of Songs, The Magical Ocean
Ecco Jr - The Lagoon of Stonefish, The Ocean of Mimicry Ecco Jr - Aqua Maze, Turtle Islands, Seahorse Reef Ecco Jr - Bay of Songs, Octopus Passage, Meeting Maze
Ecco Jr - Ending (Part 1) Ecco Jr - Ending (Part 2) Ecco Jr - Fish Reef, Shark Sea