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Puggsy - World Map Puggsy - World Guardians Puggsy - The Red Woods
Puggsy - The Light House Puggsy - The Emperor's Old Clothes Puggsy - The Cove
Puggsy - The Beach Puggsy - Star Fall Lake Puggsy - Stage Clear
Puggsy - Splinter Town Puggsy - So Pharaoh, So Good Puggsy - Redwood Keep
Puggsy - Racrock Forge Puggsy - Raclantis Docks Puggsy - Pyramids
Puggsy - Polly Pirate Puggsy - Opening Theme Puggsy - If Looks Could Kill!
Puggsy - Halitosis the Dragon Puggsy - Flour Power Puggsy - Fire Heart
Puggsy - Extra Ending Puggsy - Ending Theme Puggsy - Diamond Mines
Puggsy - Darkskull Castle Puggsy - Darkblade Forest Puggsy - Badger Mill
Puggsy - Aztec Temple Puggsy - Angeltier Falls Puggsy - A Hidden Place